Fortnite has exploded into the world and now the leading game that is coming into the competitive gaming scene. We like to have several teams at R!OT for a variety of different games. With Fortnite being an upcoming eSports title around the world we just had to jump into it.


Below is our current Fortnite team roster:

  • Mikoly

    Tahir Altun

    Tahir ‘Mikoly’ Altun was signed at the start of 2018 as the R!OT Gaming’s first competitive Fortnite player. He started off professional gaming journey in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the CyberGamer Amateur Ladder, then went into the low end of the Main Ladder Divison. Mikoly then pursued his time on competitive H1Z1 and slowly stopped playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Mikoly then picked up Fortnite casually in closed beta. After a while Mikoly wanted to take it further so therefore formed a team with some friends of the named Team Resistance. Down the track Team Resistance was then acquired by ExtricityGG. Mikoly then became a free agent and received a better offer from R!OT Gaming and went onto play under the organization as their team Captain & IGL....Read More